Online sessions for grief…

My sessions with Mel were online due to COVID after a huge loss in our family which I struggled with which also brought back previous big losses in my life. I found myself become anxious and hiding away from everyone with little motivation to do anything. I was worried at first it wouldn’t work as well being online but I’ve come from the sessions a changed person with a different, positive outlook on life!

I’m finding myself become more of a positive person with less anxieties about the world we’re living in and I can’t thank Mel enough – thank you!

Addiction Recovery

It is said that a hypnotherapist needs to be able to put you at ease if they are to be successful at the therapy. Melanie Cook does this with her enthusiasm and blatant passion for her craft.

I booked a course of hypnotherapy with Mel for some complex addiction issues I have been struggling with for years. She made me aware that the solution may not be instant and after 4 sessions I still had issues, although Mel was confident her job was done. She sent me away with resources to keep using and after one false start (or should I say stop!) I have finally dealt the blow to my addictions. She told me the addictions would fall away naturally as I would no longer need them and this is exactly what happened.
It seems to me that Mel knows her subject inside out, genuinely has the best interest of her clients at heart, is capable and conscientious.

Stress & Anxiety

Absolutely brilliant! I first saw Melanie when I hit what felt like a mental roadblock; and my
world seemed to be caving in through stress and anxiety. Not only did Melanie help me
initially flip this outlook around, but through her work she dramatically changed my
perspective on life, helping me to understand and achieve all that seemed impossible.
Melanie’s knowledge of the brain and professionalism in her therapy is second to none- and
thanks to her I gained the confidence I needed to enter the next exciting phase of my life.
I’m now over a year on and I could not recommend her enough.
Benjamin – Bath


It all went really well, rather than the gibbering mess I thought I’d be I felt really confident and calm, I was giggling between contractions and stayed calm even when they wheeled out the drip. Didn’t need an epidural in the end either, did it all with gas and air.
So whatever you did to help keep me calm I think it worked.
I have this picture from the day he was born and for some reason it makes me feel really empowered, that I got through it and everything was ok.
So thanks for everything!