Managing stress

Went to see Mel to get over some ongoing stress related issues. Had several sessions which has really helped with the management of my day-to-day life, as well as reducing my anxiety of certain scenarios which was built up over several years. Have had a very positive outcome, I was sceptical at first in all honesty but after the first session with Mel and her outlining of what causes the issues, my mind was put at rest and the continuation of the sessions have marked and improvement in myself. Would highly recommend. Thank you, Mel.

Stop smoking after just one session….

After just one session with Melanie I can now say I am a non smoker. I have found the experience so liberating to be free of the addiction. I only have positive feelings about stopping the habit, at no point have I felt that I am going without or lacking anything which I was fearful of before. Instead my life feels fuller and more creative.
Melanie is extremely professional and supportive and I am feeling so well. Fantastic!

Irritable Bowel Syndrome…

I can highly recommend Mel. I arranged to see Mel for Irritable Bowel Syndrome during/following a difficult time in my life. This has completely cleared up and Mel has helped me to understand and know what to do in future to deal with worry/anxiety and live a happier life as a result. With my confidence returned and renewed I have now booked in for sessions to help me with a phobic situation!

Stop smoking via zoom…

12 weeks ago today I had a two hour stop smoking session with Melanie, due to Covid this was done via zoom. I was very skeptical as wasn’t sure it would work with us being in two different places however from the time the session finished to now i have been a non smoker, I am 52 years old and have smoked for 39 years even smoking through both my pregnancy but I can honestly say I have not thought about cigarettes since our session finished, I have not used any nicotine replacement products and according to my family and friend have not had any mood swings which I had previously when I tried to stop smoking. On another positive note I have saved £840 to date
I can highly recommend Melanie and have already done so to many of my smoking friends
Thank you Melanie

Depression – Instantly relieved and empowered….

Melanie had a wonderful way of connecting with me and it felt good to know that someone was listening, understanding, and knew exactly how to help. From the first session, I knew I was in the right hands, I felt instantly relieved and empowered by her knowledge and calm approach. I followed her instructions and by the next session I had started to feel more “out of myself” and not close to tears every day (I was very depressed). The hypnotherapy was incredibly relaxing and after each time, once I’d woken up, I just felt full of energy but a really calm sort of energy. The more I practised with the practical tools she gave me, the better I felt and by the time it was our last session, I just feel like I can handle my life now! I use the technique with my own children, and through the home-schooling which made a huge difference to them too. Thanks for helping me change my outlook, Melanie!

Online sessions for grief…

My sessions with Mel were online due to COVID after a huge loss in our family which I struggled with which also brought back previous big losses in my life. I found myself become anxious and hiding away from everyone with little motivation to do anything. I was worried at first it wouldn’t work as well being online but I’ve come from the sessions a changed person with a different, positive outlook on life!

I’m finding myself become more of a positive person with less anxieties about the world we’re living in and I can’t thank Mel enough – thank you!

Addiction Recovery

It is said that a hypnotherapist needs to be able to put you at ease if they are to be successful at the therapy. Melanie Cook does this with her enthusiasm and blatant passion for her craft.

I booked a course of hypnotherapy with Mel for some complex addiction issues I have been struggling with for years. She made me aware that the solution may not be instant and after 4 sessions I still had issues, although Mel was confident her job was done. She sent me away with resources to keep using and after one false start (or should I say stop!) I have finally dealt the blow to my addictions. She told me the addictions would fall away naturally as I would no longer need them and this is exactly what happened.
It seems to me that Mel knows her subject inside out, genuinely has the best interest of her clients at heart, is capable and conscientious.