Sound Healing & Gongs


In 2023 I qualified as a sound healing practitioner with the College of Sound Healing. I am thoroughly enjoying my work with this while continuing to practice solution-focused hypnotherapy and supervision. Group gong relaxation classes have been running for a while now at Hope House centre, Radstock and starting up at Odd Down sports centre, Bath in January 2024.

On delving deeper into the understanding of sound healing and the way it all works it became apparent that the dream-like state induced by the sounds of the gongs and other healing instruments is the same dream-like state induced with hypnosis which I have been using in my sessions with clients and supervisees over the past 13 years in practice. This excited me as I absolutely love playing the gongs and the magic that having them come into my life has created so I am very pleased to be able to now share this with you in a joyful yet professional way.

The group gong baths have proved to be popular and appreciated. People report feeling more relaxed, de-stressed and calm after sessions and some have said that they have gained the best sleep ever, that they have been clearer in their thinking and decision making process and that physical ailments have improved. The sounds produced by the gongs and other healing instruments confuse the brain with all the different frequencies vibrating which in turn induces the REM state. This is when we heal at our best. It is the same state we go in and out of during our sleep in order to process all of the emotional stuff that happens to us throughout the day. Because we only get around 20% of our sleep as REM sleep, if we have more stress than this can cope with then our mind will wake us up in the night or we will find it difficult to get to sleep in the first place. With sound healing and hypnotherapy this gives the REM a boost during sessions to improve sleep and mental health is greatly improved.

Melanie is a fully qualified and insured sound healing practitioner and holds a diploma in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy and the gold standard hypnotherapy practitioner diploma. Melanie is also qualified in solution-focused brief therapy and is a solution-focused supervisor for other therapists.

Melanie has years of professional training and experience with adults and children of all ages and abilities as a full time therapist/supervisor and is fully accustomed to holding space for clients in recovery from addiction, anxiety, depression and trauma and for people who are struggling with grief, terminal illness, anger and pain management, and for people receiving cancer treatment and their families.

One to one sessions are available either at Hope House surgery or at a place of your choice. I can bring all the gongs or a selection of them to a suitable venue of your choosing for a private gong bath either for a celebration, a corporate group, to add to your own retreat or just for a special treat for you and your family or friends.

Group gong bath (1hr all gongs, Bath and Radstock) £20 each (Please use link below)
Private group gong bath (1hr all gongs or less at your venue) £250 plus travel
Individual sf therapy/sound healing (90mins – 2hr) £150
Individual gong bath (1hr) from £80
Corporate events or to attend your retreat/event £500 plus travel

Please use the link below to book and pay for Bath and Radstock group Gong Baths:

Please get in touch for further details and see how we can work around your needs.

07746 438276

Melanie is a registered member of the College of Sound Healing, the Complementary Natural Healthcare council, the Association for Solution-focused Hypnotherapy and an Accredited member of the National Council of Hypnotherapy.