Nearing the end of graduation to be a fully qualified sound healing practitioner….

Due to the strain on my voice of working full time with solution-focused hypnotherapy I am now combining working with gongs and other sound healing instruments. I have found that when working with the gongs myself, a similar trance like state is invoked so I decided to train in this practice myself to gain and offer the best possible experience in sessions for myself and clients.

When I first came into contact with gongs on my introduction training course, I fell in love with these sacred instruments. It is said that when the gong comes into your life, things will change for the better…This has happened and remarkably.  After the initial training weekend and introduction to the gongs I bought my first ‘Mercury’ gong. Within a week of it arriving I landed a new GP surgery to work from with a community room already set up for group work. I also landed a new house to rent back in the village we love so there have been some significant shifts.

After taking Mercury gong up to North Wales to visit a friend who was poorly and struggling to recover I invested in another gong, ‘Pluto’. This gong I chose intuitively or it seems now that Pluto chose me, as the gongs seem to do. Since then my friend has fully recovered and Pluto gong has been working alongside Mercury for myself and others. I have held a good few 1:1 sound healing sessions while building my case studies with some very interesting results and we have our 5th group gong bath at Hope House centre, Radstock next week.

In the group sessions people come with a yoga mat or similar, a blanket and cushion and relax down for the hour to drift off to the sound of the gongs. During that time I sometimes bring a drum beat in at the beginning to bring us all into the moment and then ask people who would like to use the time to focus on something  in particular to imagine that they had already achieved their best hopes and what it would feel like, or to simply think of something that has put a smile on their face from the week so that they can relax into the gong space with a positive mindset.

The gongs tend to zoom in on where is needed to do their work through the vibration of the sounds and the people in the room. At the end of the gong bath there are a few other instruments used to gently bring people out of their dream like state and back to the moment. There is a 10 minute silence at the end for people to process, have a drink of water and to regain full consciousness.

The more we work with the gongs the deeper they resonate within us. I have certainly noticed a difference in my life and my environment since they have come to me. Also on reflection with all the people on my course it has been a fantastic journey for us all. We are all enjoying taking the gongs out into the community and sharing with others.

If you would like to come along to a group gong relaxation or to book a private session for yourself and/or family or friends then please get in touch. Also gongs can be used for space clearing when moving into a new space or wanting to refresh an existing space.