Christmas…a time for sadness or joy?

Christmas, a time for families and loved ones…sadness and joy….

This time of year can bring up a great big bag of mixed emotions. Festive cheer, joy, love and celebration, but also heartache, loneliness, grief, resentment, anxiety, sadness and anger. Over the festive period I have felt all of these emotions over the years at one time or another. It can be a difficult time for many, especially in these uncertain times..

I am a bit of a recluse these days so have found this year  of lockdowns maybe more welcoming than many but still I look forward to all of my kids being home for Xmas.

As we go through our trials and tribulations in life we do get stronger and more resilient, but there comes a point in all of us when overwhelm can kick in. This can be after a particular traumatic event or build up of smaller emotional challenges over a period of time. We can be coping just fine with juggling everything and all of our emotions, when suddenly the stress level tips and we feel like we cannot cope anymore. This can lead to an emotional breakdown, increased dependence on drink or drugs, including prescribed medication, insomnia, anxiety disorders and depression. Often it is only at this point that clients will come to me for help.

At the initial consultation I will give you an understanding of how the brain works with regards to stress and how our REM state processes this for us when we are asleep. With solution-focused hypnotherapy and other specialised techniques we can start to get back on track with things and reset the ability to cope to optimum levels. Once our stress levels have been reduced along with limiting beliefs and unhealthy thought patterns, we are once again able to face the world with greater resilience, confidence and in a more positive light.

I regularly attend solution-focused hypnotherapy and supervision sessions myself in order to juggle life efficiently and to be at my best for clients and supervisees.  I have realised over the years that the best way to prevent overload is to recognise when things are getting a little too much and to integrate stress management into daily life as much as possible. This way I am able to cope with what life throws at me and be a support to others.

Sessions are enlightening, motivational, inspiring and certainly help to gain clarity. The hypnosis part of the session is relaxing and can be very healing.

The new year is always a good time to plan and set intentions for the months ahead. Appointments are available online via Zoom and in person at the Bath Practice, Clifton Practice and at Elm Hayes surgery in Paulton. Please phone or message to find out more:

07746 438276