Do you experience social awkwardness or struggle with social anxiety?

Solution-focused hypnotherapy is a great way to combat this if you would like to feel more confident when out with others or at work/school etc.

When we have a build up of negative thoughts about situations, ourselves or others it can lead us to have a more negative perspective and to develop limiting and crippling beliefs which can really hold us back in life

By focusing on the areas in our lives where we are feeling more confident and by identifying our skills and strengths here and exploring these  we can transfer that which is already there to be adapted to new situations where they may not have been used before.  When we focus on what we would like to achieve and explore how this will make a difference to our lives we can develop coping strategies and reduce any anxiety relating to our progress.

By combining specialist techniques in solution-focused therapy with hypnosis we can learn to let go of old, outworn thought patterns and beliefs and totally reset our perspective to a much more compassionate and liberating outlook. This often has a knock on effect in all areas of life.

The solution-focused approach works quickly compared to other forms of therapy as the techniques are based on an understanding of how the brain works. Clients start to have a more restful sleep, wake up feeling more energised, confident and motivated, become less dependent on substitute feel good chemicals and are excited about their future where as before they may have experienced anxiety.  Sessions are available in Bath and Bristol city centre, at Elm Hayes surgery, Paulton  and at Hope House centre, Radstock.  Please have a look through my website and get in touch if you would like to book. Sessions are £75 each (£85 after 3pm) or £550 (£650) for a block of 8.