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What is the difference between chronic and acute pain?

Pain Management

Chronic pain messages are transmitted via C-fibres. Some of the pain sensations associated with these messages are: throbbing, aching, burning, cold, soreness, itching, tingling and numbness.


The sensations are generally spread out, not as specific as acute pain. This type of pain occurs sometime after an injury. Acute pain messages are transmitted via A-fibres. These messages travel much quicker than C-fibres. The pain felt is sharp and specific. It’s the pain felt right after an injury.

“We can learn specific skills which enable us to choose which pain messages we allow through to the brain.”

A-fibre messages take precedence. e.g. if you were suffering from chronic pain in the neck and shoulder and you were to burn your hand on a saucepan, that message would be put straight through to the brain and in that moment you wouldn’t feel your neck and shoulder pain. This is advantageous to survival and adaptive because it allows you to respond to a pain that needs immediate attention, i.e. letting go of the saucepan.

Pain Management

Fastest messages are transmitted via special A-fibres and these take precedence over everything else. These are sensations of pressure, touch and vibration, which is why rubbing or massaging an area is a temporary pain relief. It’s a competing counter-stimulation.

There is one other type of message, but this one goes from the brain to activate muscles, causing muscle spasms, which can worsen pain.

Again this is advantageous to survival and adaptive because it causes muscles around an injured area to brace and guard, to support and protect it.

“Hypnosis can give us the ability to gain control over the switchboard that controls our pain sensations.”

The problem is when the muscles continue to brace and guard for long periods and becomes habitual. This tends to cause muscle spasm and more pain. We can learn specific skills which enable us to choose which pain messages we allow through to the brain.

At the 1 hour initial consultation, you will be given an understanding of how the brain works and an explanation of how we can help you to cope better with the pain and what we can do about it. You will be given a CD or MP3 to take home to listen to each night for a week which will also help the process and encourage left pre-frontal cortex activity which is where the ‘feel good’ and healing chemicals are made.

The following week you will be put on the couch and guided into a fully relaxed trance. When we have access to the subconscious brain we will start the process of gaining control over the pain messages. Along with Solution Focused Therapy the process will be ultimately rewarding.

Melanie is also a fully qualified Reiki Healing Master/ Practitioner and will draw on all of her skills when working with you.

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