Children and Young People

Helping people to be their best using the solution-focused approach to recovery and high performance

Many children and adolescents come for help with various issues, often feeling anxious, angry or overwhelmed at school, at home or later at university and when deciding their future..

Solution-focused hypnotherapy works well with young and old alike, to let go of unhelpful thoughts, process what they would like to achieve and to focus more on what is going well in their life and their preferred future.

Extraordinary results have been gained in improving confidence, sports performance and coping strategies. By reducing anxiety and boosting the natural REM state, the ‘feel-good’ chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine and endorphins naturally create positive thought patterns, so we are able to work at our best, overcome trauma, fears and phobias and get the best out of life.

Over the years I have found that when one person in a family or team comes for support it has a knock on effect for everyone and can really make a difference.

“The process is very positive and we have fun in sessions too.”

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