Anger Management

Helping people to be their best using the solution-focused approach to recovery and high performance

When we are dealing with a lot of stress in our lives or have experienced trauma or upset then we can become angry at the smallest of things and this can start to impact on our relationships, our work and on our sleep patterns.

Solution-focused hypnotherapy is used to reduce the stress and anxiety which can cause us to lose control of our emotions and lash out.

The whole process is based on an understanding of how the brain works and right from the start with the initial consultation you will be given the valuable information of how our mindset affects our mood. I will take details from you and we will establish what you would like to achieve when you have regained control over those negative thoughts.

You will learn how to manage your mind and to produce your own ‘feel-good’ chemicals which will induce a calmer state of clarity and a more controlled thought process.

“The sessions are very relaxing and positive and clients feel great on leaving, with stress management techniques to put into practice.”

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