Addiction Recovery

Helping people to be their best using the solution-focused approach to recovery and high performance

Addiction Recovery

Addictions are treated using solution-focused hypnotherapy to bring about positive changes in life. You will play an active part in therapy by first of all bringing to mind a preferred outcome for yourself and/or loved ones.

Right from the start with the initial consultation you will be given an understanding of how the brain works, how we can suffer in the way we do and what we can do about it.

Addiction is often a way of self medicating and shutting out painful or traumatic memories and coping with day to day life. By having expert professional support in place and a safe space to let go, we are able to heal, move forward and get the best out of life.

Audio recordings are an integral part of therapy and will help the process of re-programming the brain to be more in control over negative thoughts and to manage stress more effectively. You will be taught how to produce your own feel-good chemicals such as dopamine, endorphins and serotonin which will assist in the transition and lift the mood.

“The brain will be encouraged to rely on these chemicals more and more rather than the substitutes from addictive behaviours, drugs and/or alcohol.”

Solution-focused therapy will be used in each session to encourage you to set manageable goals and to explore steps to reach them. Progress will be scaled and monitored each week and you will be encouraged to focus on the good things that have been happening in between sessions. The trance part of the session will be used to let go of past emotional traumas and unhealthy thought patterns.

This process for drug and alcohol addiction can be extremely effective and liberating. It is completed within a relatively short space of time.  Because of the techniques used, you will learn coping strategies which will enable the results to be long term and sustainable.

Please let your doctor know if you are drinking heavily or self medicating and would like to reduce your intake or stop.


“It is said that a hypnotherapist needs to be able to put you at ease if they are to be successful at the therapy. Melanie Cook does this with her enthusiasm and blatant passion for her craft.

I booked a course of hypnotherapy with Mel for some complex addiction issues I have been struggling with for years. She made me aware that the solution may not be instant and after 4 sessions I still had issues, although Mel was confident her job was done. She sent me away with resources to keep using and after one false start (or should I say stop!) I have finally dealt the blow to my addictions. She told me the addictions would fall away naturally as I would no longer need them and this is exactly what happened.
It seems to me that Mel knows her subject inside out, genuinely has the best interest of her clients at heart, is capable and conscientious”…..Denis

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